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A New Kitchen Floor Installed in Bramhall!

Cheadle Floors are experienced luxury vinyl tile fitters in Bramhall. We have completed numerous projects luxury vinyl tile fitting in Bramhall and so we understand every part of the process of floor fitting to ensure the highest level of professionalism and quality.

As luxury vinyl tile fitters in Bramhall, at Cheadle Floors we know that a vital part of fitting a new floor is the preparation of the existing floor beforehand. It is essential that the floor is in a good condition before any flooring such as luxury vinyl tiles are installed.

We recently completed the installation of a new kitchen floor in a home in Bramhall. In this instance the concrete sub floor was in a bad state so we had to screed the surface using Ardex na. This is a levelling and smoothing compound which is fast setting so means minimum disruption to the floor laying process. In the long run using this saves you both time and money as it removes the need for intensive preparation and priming.

Following this we then applied epoxy dpm. This is a liquid applied surface damp proof membrane which helps to reduce the passage of water vapour. A second layer of screed was then applied on top of this. You can see these stages of the process illustrated in the photographs included.

Finally, the luxury vinyl tiles were fitted. Our clients chose Camaro vintage oak. Perfect for a kitchen these luxury vinyl tiles create a rustic wood effect without the same intensive maintenance that a real wood floor needs. Again, you can see the beautiful results of this kitchen flooring from the photographs.

For more information on having a new kitchen floor or luxury vinyl tiles fitted call Cheadle Floors on 0161 327 2158.

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