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New vinyl floor in Offerton

Kitchens are often the hub of the home, where every member of the family comes together to catch up on the day, to cook, to share a meal or just simply relax. From morning through to evening and then last thing at night your kitchen floor has to work hard to cope with such heavy usage. That’s why you need a floor that will not just look good but that is hardwearing and long lasting.

Cheadle Floors was recently asked to install a new vinyl floor at a house in Offerton, Stockport. Having recently had a new kitchen fitted the next step was a brand-new floor.

Our clients chose Nebo luxury vinyl tiles in Highland Grey which were laid in the kitchen and dining area. Nebo luxury vinyl tiles are waterproof yet stylish and ideal for a kitchen as they won’t get damaged easily and are quick to clean.

While you may think of parquet flooring being fashionable in the 1960’s, it’s once again become As you can see from the photographs we started by preparing the floor to create a clear and clean surface having previously calculated the correct quantity of tiles needed. Adhesive was then applied to the floor and each tile was then fitted in position and left to set in place.

You can see from the final photographs the stunning results. The overall look created was a wood effect floor in a modern pale grey that perfectly complement the sleek kitchen units.

For more information about a new vinyl floor in Offerton, Stockport or Nebo Luxury Vinyl tiles ring Cheadle Floors on 0161 327 2158.

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