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Amtico Mulled Oak fitted in Marple Manchester

Entire Downstairs of a House Fitted with the Same Flooring to create a Cohesive Appearance!

Should you use the same flooring throughout your house? That’s a question you may have considered if you are thinking of having new flooring in your home…

It all comes down to preference, some people prefer to have different flooring depending on the décor and purpose of the room – think cozy carpet in a living room and practical luxury vinyl tiles in the kitchen. If you want to create a different atmosphere and tone in each room, using different styles and types of flooring can contribute to this.

On the other hand, using the same flooring throughout different rooms creates a consistent, more harmonious appearance in your home.
However, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice each room’s identity. Using wallpaper and paint and different types of furniture can make each room individual. You can create the same comfort underfoot with luxury vinyl flooring, simply by adding a rug.

Being an experienced Amtico fitter in Manchester, Cheadle Floors recently fitted Amtico mulled oak luxury vinyl flooring from the Spacia collection, throughout the entire downstairs of a property in Marple, Stockport. This included the kitchen/diner, lounge and hallway. As durable flooring this is an ideal choice for any area of the home with high footfall including the kitchen.

You can see what the flooring looked like once fitted from the photographs included. Our clients opted to have the vinyl tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. We also added a design strip along the edge of each room to create definition, which is highlighted in one of the photographs. As an Amtico fitter in Manchester, it is these design features that we can recommend. We know what works and what will complement an already beautiful floor.

Considering having New Flooring and in need of an Amtico Fitter in Manchester?

As an Amtico fitter in Manchester, Cheadle Floors can talk through the various flooring options available and provide reliable informed advice on what type of flooring would work best depending on your requirements and budget.

If you would like to find out more about luxury vinyl flooring, give us a ring at Cheadle Floors, call 0161 327 2158.

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