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Commercial flooring fitted in Manchester

We didn’t pull a pint, but we did Lay a New Floor!

As a commercial floor fitter in Manchester, Cheadle Floors was recently asked to install new flooring in the kitchen at a Brew Dog pub. As you can imagine with the high amount of foot traffic in this area along with the various equipment used for food preparation, durable and hard-wearing flooring that is also easy to clean is essential. It also needs to be water and heat resistant. In their kitchen our clients opted to have Polyflor Polysafe flooring laid.

Polyflor Polysafe flooring is a great choice because it is engineered to be slip resistant and is suited to a wide range of commercial environments. Not only is it an attractive vinyl to be used for commercial flooring but it incorporates safety aggregates in the vinyl.

As you can see from the photographs included the kitchen was on different levels with a raised section accommodating various pieces of equipment. We started by fitting plywood in parts of the kitchen in order to create a good subbase on which to lay the vinyl. Once this had been done, we laid the vinyl flooring.

We were able to install the flooring on both levels as well incorporating sit on skirting. In addition, we fitted stair nosings. A nosing is the piece that covers the edge of the stairs or in this instance a single step to the raised level. It hides the joint between the two flooring pieces. It’s these slightly tricky aspects of a job that require the skills and experience of a professional commercial floor fitter in Manchester like Cheadle Floors. We understand how best to work with the space available as well as work around the existing equipment that might be found in a commercial kitchen. You can see the results of this project from the photographs.

Need a Commercial Floor Fitter in Manchester?

If you are a business owner and it’s time to replace or upgrade the flooring in your office/retail or catering space, give Cheadle Floors a ring. Being a commercial floor fitter in Manchester we are familiar with a wide range of products and can recommend what would work best in the space you want covering.

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