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Karndean Flooring fitted in Stockport

Another Professional Finish Produced by Cheadle Floors – Karndean Fitter in Stockport.

If you are having new flooring fitted in one room of the home, why not have it in two or three rooms. If you have a Karndean fitter in Stockport working at your house, it makes sense to maximize their time and get them to install other flooring while they are there. It limits the level of disruption to you and your family and could keep the overall cost down.

As a Karndean fitter in Stockport, Cheadle Floors recently fitted two different types of Karndean luxury vinyl flooring ina house in Stockport. Our clients decided to have new flooring in the porch and hallway. Rather than have the same they opted for Karndean Black Riven Slate vinyl flooring in the porch and White Scandi Pine laid in a herringbone patternin the hallway.

In the porch we applied a smoothing compound to ensure a flat, level finish and then fitted the luxury vinyl tiles on top. As you can see from the photographs it also included covering an existing step at the front door which we nicely framed with a silver strip. When you employ an experienced floor fitter in Stockport, it’s these little touches that ensure a professional, quality finish.

The White Scandi Pine that we fitted in the hallway provided a nice contrast with the porch. Before this was put down, we fitted a layer of plywood which the luxury vinyl flooring was installed over. Again, this ensures a smooth, level floor.

Whether you are transforming a single space, several rooms, or even an entire house, luxury vinyl flooring is a great, affordable choice that can make any room look and feel amazing. You can have the same type of flooring or something different in each room. It all comes down to your own style and personal taste, but if you are unsure what to have, as a floor fitter in Stockport, Cheadle Floors can help you make the right choice based on your requirements and budget.

Considering having New Flooring and Need a Floor Fitter in Stockport?

Cheadle Floors is a certified Karndean fitter in Stockport. We also provide a service throughout South Manchester and Cheshire and it’s not just Karndean flooring that we install, as a floor fitter in Stockport, we have the skills and expertise to fit a variety of other types and makes of flooring. To find out more give us a ring on 0161 327 2158.

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