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Stunning Basement Conversion in Romley, Stockport – Karndean Floors Fitted!

If you need more space but don’t want to move to a new house, a great option is to turn your basement (if you have one) into a useable room.

Quite a lot of houses have a basement or cellar, but they are often neglected and left as a cold, dark, damp place. At best, this space is often used as a large storage cupboard where everything gets dumped. While this can be useful you might not be maximising its potential. With a little thought and planning it could be a habitable room. If you are a growing family or have grown up children who want to live a little more independently without leaving home, it can provide an additional cosy, living room and in turn free up living space in other parts of the house. Alternatively, for first time buyers in a property where space is limited, or for people who have downsized, a basement conversion can help to provide extra storage space. It also a good option for business owners who have a commercial property as it can be used to free up more valuable above ground space.

So, if you are a home or business owner and you have a basement in your property, why not consider a basement conversion. Cheadle Floors recently installed new flooring in a basement conversion at a house in Romley, Stockport.

Our clients chose to have flooring from the Karndean range and wanted it fitting throughout their new basement. As a Karndean floor fitter in Stockport, Cheadle Floors have years of experience installing Karndean Floors in homes and other properties throughout Stockport.

Our clients opted for Karndean lime washed oak flooring. Before we laid this, we prepared the floor by fitting sp101 plywood. To achieve a professional finish, it’s important to ensure that we have a level surface to work with. Laying plywood across the floor will ensure any uneven sections are eradicated. Regardless of the quality of the flooring being put on top, it won’t achieve the same results in terms of comfort and insulation unless the floor is properly prepared. As a Karndean floor fitter in Stockport we take the necessary steps to ensure we get the best results.

The great thing about Karndean Floors is that they are extremely versatile and suitable for a range of different rooms. Take for example this basement. The same flooring was used throughout the main living area, toilet and utility/shower room. The lime washed oak transformed it from a dingy dark area to a unique contemporary space. You can see the beautiful finish that this produced using Karndean Floors, from the photographs included.

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Looking for a Karndean Floor Fitter in Romley, Stockport?

If you are considering a basement conversion and need new flooring or would like new flooring for another room in your home, and need a Karndean Floor Fitter in Stockport, get in touch with Cheadle Floors. Give us a ring on 0161 327 2158. We look forward to hearing from you.

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