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Which comes first, the new kitchen floor or the new kitchen units?

If you are having a brand-new kitchen fitted along with new kitchen flooring, the question arises, which to fit first, the flooring or the kitchen units.

Some might reason that it’s best to fit the kitchen units first. One of the advantages to doing it this way round is that it saves money because by not going under the units, not as much flooring is needed. It also gives you greater flexibility as it’s easier to install a new floor in the future should you decide to change it, as you don’t have to remove the kitchen units.

On the other hand, fitting the flooring first means that there is no intricate cutting required up to and around the units, it’s therefore easier to get a cleaner finish. It’s also easier to remove appliances and change the layout of the kitchen in the future. In addition, it’s easier to remove the plinth if you need access to anything under the units.

As a laminate floor fitter in Poynton I would always consult with my clients first as to what they would prefer. It can also depend on the type of flooring being installed and additional factors such as whether there is underfloor heating included.

Cheadle Floors recently completed the installation of a laminate kitchen floor in a house in Poynton. We were able to work with an empty room space and fit the flooring to where the edge of the floor met the wall. The kitchen units could then be fitted on top of them.

Our clients opted to have Kronoswiss Advanced 8mm laminate flooring. This type of flooring is ideal for kitchens as it has a heavy domestic rating meaning you don’t have to worry about wear and tear and heavy foot fall.

Due to the embossed wood grain effect, the flooring has a realistic look and it also feels natural to the touch and provides extra grip. While it is easy to fit due to it’s drop-click fitting systems it is always advisable to get it installed by a professional laminate floor fitter in Poynton. With years of experience fitting floors, Cheadle Floors can have your floor installed efficiently and effectively with minimal disruption to you and your home, also saving you time and money!

You can see the stunning results of this new flooring from the photographs included.

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