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Laminate Flooring in Marple can be as Lifelike as a Real Timber Floor

Being a laminate floor fitter in Marple, Cheadle Floors knowsall about the benefits of laminate flooring. There are lots of advantages to having a laminate floor. In today’s busy world, low maintenance flooring is essential and that’s where having a laminate floor is a real advantage. It’s very easy to keep clean and because of the way laminate flooring in Marple is made, dirt cannot penetrate through and simply wiping over with a damp fibre cloth will keep it in tip top condition.

It’s also very strong making it durable and long lasting. Unlike real wood, laminate floors are able to cope with scratches, stiletto heels and even scorch marks, in fact they are so hardwearing that they are often chosen for use as flooring in shops and airports! Thanks to new techniques in manufacturing laminate flooring also looks even more like natural wood in its appearance.

Another advantage of laminate flooring is that it is suitable for use in most rooms of the house. The anti-static surface and seamless links between planks mean that dust and dirt doesn’tcollect in or between the planks.

As a laminate floor fitter in Marple, we were asked to fit some new laminate flooring. Our clients recognised the wide-ranging use of laminate flooring and decided to have it fitted in the living room and kitchen as well as the hallway. Using the same flooring in several different rooms or spaces gives continuity and clean lines. It can create the illusion of more space too.

Our clients opted for Dartmoor Oak laminate and also chose to have cushion flooring in the bathroom in Rustic Birch. You can see the beautiful results of the new laminate flooring in Marple in every room from the photographs included.

Looking For a Laminate Floor Fitter in Marple?

If you need a laminate floor fitter in Marple, call Cheadle Floors. We have many years of experience installing laminate flooring in Marple, as well as a wide range of other types of flooring including luxury vinyl tiles and carpet. Give us a ring on 0161 327 2158 or 07948 715133.

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