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Looking for a Luxury Vinyl Tile Fitter in Stockport?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – With So Much Choice You’re Guaranteed To Find Something You Really Like!

Sometimes choosing the same flooring to run through more than one room can create a cohesive flow and the feeling of space. However, you might think of having different flooring in different rooms, after all, with so many types and styles of flooring to choose from, why limit yourself to one! That’s what some recent clients decided to do.

Our clients chose two different types of flooring. They wanted one type of flooring for the kitchen/hallway and one for the dining room. As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Stockport, we know that when rooms are being used for very different purposes, it’s important to choose flooring that is appropriate for this. Flooring that goes in a kitchen or hallway needs to be robust, durable and hardwearing due to the amount of foot traffic that they experience.

For the kitchen and hallway our clients opted for Karndean black riven slate luxury vinyl tiles. This is one of Karndean’s most popular collections. Due to the range of designs which you can mix and match, you can make something that is bespoke to you. These luxury vinyl tiles have a PU coating on them which protects them from wear and tear making them ideal for a hallway and kitchen. We spread a layer of adhesive over the concrete floor before fitting the vinyl tiles on top. We also used grey grout strips.

For the dining room we installed Cambridge Oak parquet luxury vinyl tiles from Polyflor which are a great choice for domestic areas in a home. We were able to fit this flooring up to and around the skirting boards and fireplace. We fitted this flooring over sp101 plywood. This was to ensure a smooth, level surface on which to fit the vinyl flooring.

As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Stockport, Cheadle Floors understands that a vital part of ensuring a professional finish and comfortable feel to the floor is in the preparation. Fitting the right sub base can extend the longevity of the floor on top of it and enhance the feel of it.

You can what the new flooring looked like as well as the contrast in appearance of the two types of flooring from the photographs included.

Looking for a Luxury Vinyl Tile Fitter in Stockport?

If you would like more information about luxury vinyl flooring and what would be most suited to your requirements and budget it is important to talk to a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Stockport and that’s where Cheadle Floors can help. We can also advise you on a range of other types of flooring too. Call us on 0161 327 2158.

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