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From Versailles to Urmston!

Did you know that parquet flooring was originally made for the floors in the Palace of Versailles? It was because the existing marble flooring required too much maintenance and they wanted something easier to look after!

Fast forward to the last 5 years and parquet flooring has seen a resurgence. Its popularity has meant that there are many flooring options available that create the look and feel of parquet flooring without having to invest in a real hard wood floor. One of these options is honey oak parquet flooring made by Amtico. This combines the traditional charm of parquet flooring with the durability of luxury vinyl tiles. When kept clean and properly looked after it will last a life time.

While we may not have fitted flooring in the Palace of Versailles, as an Amtico fitter in Urmston, Cheadle Floors did recently install stunning new flooring at a house in Urmston. Our clients decided to have luxury vinyl tiles as new flooring in their kitchen and opted for Amtico Spacia Honey Oak Parquet Flooring. While the rooms around the kitchen were carpeted, luxury vinyl tiles were the ideal choice for the kitchen as they are waterproof, meaning spillages can be quickly and easily mopped up.

We started the process of laying the new flooring by first of all fitting sp101 plywood as part of the sub floor preparation. This provides a level base for the luxury vinyl tiles to be placed on. Being an Amtico fitter in Urmston we recognise that this is essential. Once this has been done, we can then begin laying the new floor. Our clients opted to have the tiles laid in a herringbone pattern to create the traditional parquet appearance. We also defined the edges of the room by laying the tiles in a

The honey oak parquet is a mid-tone wood with golden shades. You can see from some of the photographs that the tiles have a realistic looking oak grain as well as the different tones in the tiles which give depth and warmth to the appearance of the flooring. These tiles were perfectly suited to the contemporary feel of the kitchen.

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