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When decorating your home and changing the flooring, the decisions you make early on can affect the choices you make further down the line. How often have you renovated a room which has then prompted you to update another room. It might be the colour you decided to paint the walls that you now want to use in different part of your home, or the flooring you have had laid that you decide to continue through into another room. That’s what happened with a recent client that we revisited having previously fitted as an Amtico floor fitter in Chorlton, year earlier, Amtico Honey Oak flooring.

Our clients had originally chosen to have new flooring in their kitchen which we installed up to but not into the living room which was just off the kitchen. Having lived with the flooring and appreciated its durability as well as its lovely appearance, they regretted not having the living room fitted with the same flooring. As an Amtico floor fitter in Chorlton we were able to source more of the same Amtico Honey Oak flooring.

We initially installed plywood for the subbase in the living room. As an experienced luxury vinyl tile fitter in Chorlton, we know that getting the base right can make the difference between a comfortable, flat floor to walk over or an uneven, bumpy, hard surface. Preparation of the subbase is key, so we always take the time to ensure we use the right products and fit it correctly before we install your chosen flooring.

On top of this we applied a layer of adhesive which the luxury vinyl tiles were put on top of. With our experience as an Amtico floor fitter in Chorlton, we were able to perfectly match the existing flooring with the new, carrying on the herringbone pattern from the kitchen into the living room so that once complete, it looked like the flooring had been fitted in one go. We also included a line of stripping that nicely framed the shaped of the room. As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Chorlton we know how the make the best of a room using either stripping, motifs or borders to add a stylish finish or focal point to your room.

You can see the finished results from the photographs included.

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As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Chorlton we have many years of experience fitting a range of different types of stunning flooring including luxury vinyl tiles. We can source the very best products both as part of the preparation of the subbase as well as the top layer.

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