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New Amtico Flooring in Marple

Class and Quality Brought to a House in Marple with Amtico Flooring!

Bring a touch of style and sophistication to your home with Amtico flooring. It is quality flooring at a price you can afford. As an Amtico floor fitter in Marple, Cheadle Floors has installed Amtico flooring in numerous homes throughout the Greater Manchester and Stockport areas. We specialise in the supply and installation of this type of flooring.

We recently fitted Amtico flooring in two of the bedrooms at a house in Marple. Our clients opted to have flooring from the Amtico Spacia range which includes a selection of wood, stone and abstract design floors. Our clients chose Royal Oak in narrow planks from the wood collection.

Before laying the planks, we fitted sp101 plywood over the entire floor in both rooms. We then topped this with a flexible smoothing compound. As you can see from some of the photographs this is like a cement that is poured over the floor and spread evenly across it. It creates a level, flat, even surface. As a professional Amtico fitter in Marple, we know how important it is to correctly prepare the sub base to ensure the very best results when the flooring is laid on top.

The final stage was to install the luxury vinyl flooring. We cut around the fireplace and window recess in one room as well as accommodating the fireplace in the second bedroom. We fitted the flooring up to the skirting boards without them incurring any damage which is consistent with our skill and expertise. You can see the stunning results from the photographs included. The colour and wood effect perfectly suited the age and style of the house.

With the Amtico Spacia range you also have the added bonus of knowing that the flooring comes with a 25-year warranty, because of it quality and durability, giving you peace of mind.

Looking for an Amtico Fitter in Marple?

As an Amtico fitter in Marple, we can help and advise you about the benefits of Amtico flooring as well as the different collections to suit your practical requirements and personal taste. We can source, supply and fit quality flooring.

To find out more give us a call on 0161 327 2158.

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