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New Carpet in a rental property in Woodley Stockport

Are You A Landlord Needed a Carpet Fitter in Woodley Stockport?

Are you a landlord? When choosing the décor, it is very easy to confuse what you would want in your own home with the practicalities needed for a rental property. It’s important to decorate the property in a way that will appeal to most tenants without costing you a fortune!

Keeping the colour scheme neutral will appeal to most tenants and choosing a carpet that is durable and hardwearing is essential. It’s a good idea to ensure that it is stain resistant too. In rental properties it’s generally more likely that a carpet will need to be replaced due to stains than through wear and tear.

When deciding what flooring to use it is also important to think about your target tenant. If it’s a family then a child friendly carpet which is easy to clean is a must. However, if you are likely to rent to working professionals, vinyl or laminate flooring might be more suitable.

Cheadle Floors, as a carpet fitter in Woodley Stockport, have many years of experience fitting carpets, laminates and vinyl’s in rental properties. We recently fitted carpets throughout a house that was available for rent. Our clients wisely chose a carpet that was hardwearing but didn’t break the bank! They chose Autumn Leaves Indoor carpet.

As you can see from the photographs the landlord opted to have the same carpet running throughout the property in the bedroom, hallway and lounge, keeping it simple and giving the whole scheme continuity. They chose dark grey which is the perfect neutral and it doesn’t show the dirt.

If you need a carpet fitter in Woodley, Stockport, get in touch with Cheadle Floors.

We have worked with many landlords over the years and can advise you on what flooring to use in your property. If you have a quick turnaround time and only have a small window between tenants moving in and moving out, we can accommodate this.

Call Cheadle Floors today your carpet fitter in Woodley, Stockport on 0161 327 2158.

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