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New Karndean Floor in Poynton

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As a Karndean floor fitter in Poynton, Cheadle Floors recently installed a brand new Karndean floor in the utility room of a house in Poynton. As you can see from the photographs included the floor still had the original quarry tiles down. Our client wanted to update this space by having new flooring fitted and chose to have luxury vinyl tiles.

Luxury vinyl tiles are a great option for any room in a home but are especially well suited to bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens. That’s because they are easy to clean, scratch resistant and waterproof as well as being slip resistant, so in this instance they were a perfect choice for the utility room. Unlike quarry tiles which are notoriously known for being cold and feeling hard underfoot, luxury vinyl tiles provide warmth and are cushioned. They also insulate sound so are much quieter to walk on than quarry tiles.

There are many manufacturers of luxury vinyl tiles most notably Karndean. For their Karndean floor in Poynton they opted to have flooring from the Karndean Knight tile range and decided to have Portland Stone.

In order to ensure a level surface, we covered the original flooring with a smoothing compound. We were then able to lay the Karndean floor in Poynton over it. As part of the installation process we used DS10 grout strip. According to Karndean, these grout strips can be “placed between tiles to create a natural grouting effect or to enhance the design of the floor.” They are a great way to complete the look of your Karndean floor in Poynton. They come in a range of colours to perfectly match the flooring your have chosen.

As an experienced Karndean floor fitter in Poynton, we know how to professionally fit a Karndean floor in Poynton. From preparing the sub base, to installing the flooring, skilling cutting round existing units, to the finishing touches, you can be confident of having a beautifully fitted floor. You can see the results from the photographs.

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