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New Laminate Flooring Fitted in Heald Green

Beautiful Laminate Flooring Fitted
in Small Bedroom of a House in Heald Green

What do you do with that small spare room, the one that’s not quite big enough to be a full-size bedroom? You could use it as a study or child’s playroom although most people resort to using it as extra space for storage!

Alternatively, it might be that while the room is big enough to fit a bed, you don’t need the room to be a bedroom, instead you would prefer to utilise it for a different purpose. As a laminate floor fitter in Heald Green, Stockport, Cheadle Floors recently fitted new flooring in a small bedroom in Heald Green, Stockport.

As the room was not going to be used as a bedroom our clients opted for laminate flooring rather than carpet. This was more practical and suited to the purpose of the room which was as a sewing room.

As you can see from the photographs, we uplifted the original carpet and used the existing subfloor to lay the laminate flooring. The customer specifically asked that the cupboards be left in place and that the flooring be laid around it. As an experienced laminate floor fitter in Heald Green, Stockport, this is not something we would recommend as we would prefer to cover the whole floor with the new flooring, which means running the laminate flooring to each wall, however we are always willing to accommodate the needs of our customers and work around their requirements so in this instance we cut the laminate around the cupboards and where possible up to the skirting board. We supplied and fitted 12mm Chene Laminate.

You can see the stunning results from the photographs. A smart, neat, clean finish, perfect for the practical purpose of the room!

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