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New luxury vinyl flooring in Cheadle Hulme

Luxury Vinyl flooring – The Perfect Choice for a Kitchen/Diner!

More and more families are opting to combine two rooms, the kitchen and the dining room to create an open plan kitchen/diner. Why is this such a popular option for many homeowners? The answer is simple, the lack of visible barriers creates easy access and a spacious feel. A kitchen is the heart of the home and linking this with an area to sit at a table and eat, brings a family together.

Cheadle Floors recently fitted new luxury vinyl flooring in Cheadle Hulme into a kitchen, dining area that was part of an extension along the back of a house. This space gave the family room to combine cooking and eating as well as a generous area to relax. For a multi-functional room, you need multipurpose flooring. In this instance our clients decided to have Polyflor Camaro Luxury vinyl tiles.

As you can see from some of the photographs, to being the installation process we applied a smoothing compound to the floor. In this instance we used Uzin L3 gold smoothing compound. This ensured that all uneven sections of the floor were levelled out. It is also a good key for adhesives so creates a great surface to apply adhesive followed by luxury vinyl tiles.

Once we had prepared the subbase, we then started to fit the luxury vinyl flooring. Our clients opted for salvaged oak from the Camaro range. This flooring reflects the natural look of real wood but without the limitations that come from using natural materials. This option is a great choice for rooms where there is a high level of footfall as luxury vinyl flooring is highly durable and robust. It is also easy to maintain.

We fitted the flooring up to and around the kitchen cupboards as well as up to and across the patio doors. At Cheadle Floors when fitting luxury vinyl flooring in Cheadle Hulme we work methodically through a room, tidying as we go to ensure minimum disruption to you.

Thinking about having Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Cheadle Hulme?

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