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The Same Flooring or Different Flooring?
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One of the most common questions a floor fitter in Bredbury gets asked is, should flooring be the same throughout the house? The design and lay out of your house as well as the size of it can have an impact on the answer, but it can also all boil down to personal taste.

Some people decide to break up the monotony of having one type of flooring by having different types of flooring throughout their home, whether it’s carpet, luxury vinyl tiles or a natural product such as stone or wood, while others prefer the more cohesive approach by having the same flooring throughout, linking every room together.

As a floor fitter in Bredbury, Cheadle Floors recently fitted the same flooring in the hallway, kitchen, and lounge/dining area of a house. Our clients decided to have luxury vinyl tiles and chose Moduleo Sierra Oak small parquet. This range of flooring is great in areas of the house which are high usage as it is easy to clean, waterproof and durable so perfect in a kitchen or hallway.

As part of the installation process, we had to adapt the preparatory work that we carried out, as the kitchen required a damp proof membrane which we put across the floor. This prevents damp rising through the concrete floor. It’s ideal for putting under a range of floor types including wood flooring and laminate. As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Bredbury, we also know it works well under vinyl.

We also fitted a layer of plywood in the lounge/dining area and screed in the kitchen. Preparing the subbase is essential to ensure a professional finish. If the correct steps are not taken, even though you may have invested in quality flooring, the results can be affected if the right preparation has not been done. As an experienced floor fitter in Bredbury, we make sure we follow the right procedures every time.

Once the subbase had been correctly prepared, we then fitted the luxury vinyl flooring. Our clients had opted for parquet which meant that we laid the tiles in a herringbone pattern. You can see the installation process, as well as the stunning results from the photographs included. As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Bredbury, we can lay the vinyl flooring that you choose in the pattern you want. We can add decorative borders and trims when available and appropriate.

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