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New Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Heald Green

Stunning New Flooring in Heald Green

Have you ever considered having the same flooring throughout your home? We sometimes think of each room individually and choose different flooring for each of them. Depending on the number of rooms in your home you could have up to eight different types of flooring. However, having the same flooring throughout your home can make the space visually bigger. Entering a house and looking through from the hall into the living area will make the space stretch out so that while the size doesn’t change it can look more expansive.

If you live in a small house, having different flooring in each room can make the space, feel even smaller. It interrupts the flow through the house and stops the cohesiveness between rooms. Of course, as a floor fitter in Heald Green we understand that everyone’s preferences are different and while some might prefer to have the same flooring throughout several rooms, others might like to have different flooring including colours and textures.

Our clients in Heald Green decided to have the same flooring in the hallway, lounge and dining area. They opted to have Polyflor Camaro Salvaged Vintage Timber. While this creates the appearance of real wood it is luxury vinyl flooring. Our clients sourced their own flooring. Cheadle Floors are happy to fit flooring found by our clients or to source it for you.

For new flooring in Heald Green, luxury vinyl tiles are a great option as they are hard wearing and robust so great for rooms that experience a lot of traffic, i.e. footfall, as well as low maintenance, so for use in a hallway, that makes cleaning up after muddy shoes have been traipsed in, easy. As an experienced floor fitter in Heald Green we don’t ever take short cuts, we follow the recommended processes when installing new luxury vinyl tiles and we use all the right products to ensure a quality finish.

Before we could fit the new flooring in Heald Green we had to take up the existing floor tiles and dispose of them. You can see this being done in one of the photographs. We then applied a smoothing compound to various parts of the floor in order to ensure that we had a level surface for the luxury vinyl tiles to be fitted. A layer of underlay was installed and then finally the luxury vinyl tiles went on top.

You can see the finished look. Having the same flooring running throughout the hall, lounge and dining area meant that the whole house downstairs had a much more open feeling.

Looking for a reliable floor fitter in Heald Green?

Whatever you choose, you will need a floor fitter in Heald Green. Cheadle Floors fit new flooring in Heald Green. Give us a ring on 0161 327 2158.

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