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New Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Poynton

Different Flooring in Different Rooms Vs Same Flooring in All Rooms?

Are you the sort of person who likes simple classic lines with a cohesive feel running through your home, or someone who likes each room of the house to have its own identity? The question then arises, would you choose different flooring in different rooms or the same flooring throughout the house?

In many households this is an ongoing debate and there are advantages to both options. On the one hand having different types of flooring in each room means that each room has its own character and identity, although some would argue that character can be created by the way that you style the room even if the same flooring is used.

On the other hand, having the same flooring can give a sense of uniformity and link the rooms together, drawing the eye from one space into another. If you have a small house, having the same flooring can make a place feel more spacious.

The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong answer, it can often come down to personal preference. At Cheadle Floors as a luxury vinyl tile fitter Poynton, we can draw on our many years of experience to advise you on what to opt for, so you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

Considering Luxury Vinyl Tiles for your New Flooring?

We recently installed new flooring in a house in Poynton. Our clients chose to have the same flooring throughout the hall, downstairs WC and kitchen and opted for luxury vinyl tiles and from the wide range of manufacturers they decided to have Polyflor. From the Polyflor range of luxury vinyl tiles they chose Camaro Cambridge Oak parquet.

The floor in the hallway was not flush to the kitchen and WC so, as a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Poynton, we began the process of fitting the new flooring by first of all covering the existing floor tiles in the kitchen and WC with a levelling compound in order to bring the hall to the same level as the other rooms. Ensuring all the floors were of the same level meant that the flooring ran uninterrupted through each room into the next.

The next stage of the process was to cover the sub-base with an adhesive which we could then lay the luxury vinyl tiles onto. All of the work was completed with minimum disruption to our client and with minimum mess. We always ensure that we leave your home clean and tidy. You can see the process of fitting the new flooring along with what it looked like once in situ from the photographs included.

Do you need a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Poynton?

As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Poynton, we have many years of experience fitting vinyl tiles as well as a range of other types of flooring.

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