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Parquet Flooring from old fashioned to new trend!

Looking for an Experienced Floor Fitter? Cheadle Floors recently installed beautiful new Polyflor luxury vinyl tiles!

Over the last few years, instead of having two distinct spaces, there has been a growing trend for kitchen diners. Many people are currently weighing up the pros and cons of having open plan living against stand-alone rooms. While there are many advantages to having a kitchen/diner there are also many benefits to having separate spaces, so opinion is divided. On thing is for sure, an open plan kitchen tends to be a more sociable space where different members of a family can come together in a single room. One parent can be cooking while another is working, and the kids are playing. It can change the way you use your house.

Cheadle Floors recently installed brand new parquet flooring in Gatley. Our clients had a kitchen dining area and wanted flooring that was durable and hardwearing. As the centre of your home this is one of the most utilised spaces so it needs to have flooring that can cope with the hustle and bustle of everyday living. After weighing up the options they decided to have Polyflor Camaro Georgian Parquet Flooring and as a parquet floor fitter in Gatley asked Cheadle Floors to fit it. Cheadle Floors has many years of experience as a floor fitterand can advise you on the best flooring options for your kitchen dining area.

As a floor fitter Cheadle Floors knows that the key to a professional finish is the preparation so before laying the parquet flooring in Gatley, we initially fitted SP101 Plywood which provides the perfect underlay. Having a good underlay upholds the integrity of the floor extending its longevity. It also makes the finished floor more comfortable to walk on. We then fitted the Polyflor Camaro Georgian Parquet over the top of it. You can see the stunning results from the photographs included.

As luxury vinyl flooring, we know as a parquet floor fitter in Gatley, that the Carmaro Georgian Parquet range perfectly captures the look and feel of this historical period bringing a touch of sophistication to any home.

If you are considering having parquet flooring in Gatley, contact Cheadle Floors who is a parquet floor fitter in Gatley.

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