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New Stair Carpet in Gatley, Stockport Fitted

Did you know that over 43,000 people are hospitalised every year because of falls on stairs. Carpeted stairs are a good practical choice and significantly cut down on the risk, especially in comparison to laminate stairs in the home. That’s because carpet gives better traction and reduces the likelihood of slipping or failing. Carpet also reduces noise when walking up and down the stairs. Wood typically creaks under the pressure of feet, but carpet can remedy that, especially if you have a house full of kids who run up and down the stairs all day. Carpet also adds a touch of warmth and comfort too. Statistics show that carpets can reduce heat loss from homes by up to 20%!

Cheadle Floors recently fitted new stair carpet. Our client recognised the benefits of having carpet instead of other types of flooring and chose to have Fuji heavy duty carpet in a dark, charcoal grey colour. As a carpet fitter in Gatley, Stockport, we can draw on our many years of experience to recommend the right type of carpet to meet your requirements and fit within your budget.

Installing carpet on stairs can be tricky and time consuming so it is best left to a professional carpet fitter in Gatley, Stockport like Cheadle Floors. We know exactly how to measure the space correctly to ensure that the right amount of carpet is ordered as well as how much underlay will be required. We will remove the existing flooring whether it’s carpet, luxury vinyl tiles or laminate and dispose of it and then clean the area removing any residual glue, staples or paint and then sweep or vacuum it.

The next part of the process of fitting new stair carpet in Gatley Stockport is to put the grippers in place at the back of each tread and at the base of each riser. The underlay is the fitted. As an experienced carpet fitter in Gatley, Stockport, we would always recommend a high-quality underlay as this part of the home has to withstand high levels of footfall. We will cut the underlay to perfectly fit the shape and size of each tread and place them on the inside of the carpet gripper. To secure them into place we use a staple gun.

The final part of the process is to cut the new stair carpet in Gatley, Stockport to size and fit it. We repeated the process with each step. You can see from the photographs included what this looked like once completed.

Looking for a Carpet Fitter in Gatley, Stockport?

If you are thinking of having new stair carpet in Gatley, Stockport, Cheadle Floors can help. We can source and supply the carpet as well as fit it, or if you have already got the carpet you want, we can install it for you. Call us today on 0161 327 2158.

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