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Beautiful New Wood Flooring in Woodley!

Engineered wood flooring is now a popular choice for most homes. So, what is it and what is the difference between engineered wood flooring and real wood? An engineered wood floor consists of both hard wood and plywood. It has a decorative layer of real wood unlike laminate flooring where the decorative layer is made of a print that is designed to look like real wood. Interestingly, while a solid wood floor is highly durable and hardwearing, the core of an engineered wood floor is made from materials that are strong and long lasting making it equally durable and hardwearing.

Cheadle Floors recently fitted an engineered wood floor for a customer living in Woodley. Our customer contacted us having decided what type of flooring they wanted. They also sourced and supplied it. They had decided to have wood flooring in Woodley. As a wood flooring fitter in Woodley, we are happy to source, supply and fit flooring or alternatively, if you have already chosen your flooring, we will provide an installation only service.

Our customer wanted the new wood flooring in Woodley to run through the open plan living area next to the kitchen. This was a large space that had a varying sub-base. In one section it consisted of wooden floorboards and in another, where there was a new extension, it was concrete. We adapted our methods accordingly. An engineered wood floor can be nailed to a timber wood floor whereas glue can be used to stick it to concrete. As an experienced wood flooring fitter in Woodley, Cheadle Floors will always ensure that the correct methods of installation are used depending on the sub-base. We were also able to fit the wood flooring in Woodley around the existing skirting boards. You can see the process we followed as well as the transformation from the before and after photographs.

Need a Wood Flooring Fitter in Woodley?

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