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New Vinyl Tile flooring in Sale, Manchester

Another Stunning Floor Installed by Vinyl Tile Fitter in Sale

Towards the end of last year Cheadle Floors completed the installation of some new flooring at a house in Sale, Manchester. This was a sizeable job as our clients wanted new flooring in the kitchen, living room, hall and conservatory and in addition wanted to employ us a vinyl tile fitter in Sale, Manchester to install some vinyl flooring in the bathroom.

For the kitchen, living room, hall and conservatory our clients opted to have PolyFlor Georgian Oak Parquet. In order to ensure that we had the best possible surface on which to lay the flooring we covered the whole area with screed. This provided a level, smooth surface. Putting this down first means that the flooring above it has a better finish and extends the life of the flooring. While it may cost a little more initially, in the long term it means the flooring will last a lot longer therefore saving you money.

As a floor fitter in Sale, Manchester, Cheadle Floors will always use the most cost-effective methods in order to achieve the best possible results.

In this instance, as a floor fitter in Sale, Manchester, having removed the existing floor covering, the floor screed was applied to the floor which was concrete. You can see from the photographs what the floor screed looked like once applied from the photographs included.

Once the screed had dried, we fitted the Polyflor planks in a parquet style. These are glued down to the floor. We systematically worked through each room laying the flooring and ensuring that we created as little disruption to our clients as possible. Having the same flooring running throughout a house can give the impression of there being more space as well creating coherence through each room, linking them together. As a practical feature we were able to accommodate some Chevon matting at the front door.

Finally, as a vinyl tile fitter in Sale, Manchester, we installed some black parquet cushion vinyl flooring in the bathroom which perfectly complimented the bathroom suit and wall tiles. With so many flooring options there is something to match every style and colour of an existing room. You can see the results of this project from some of the photographs included.

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